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Location: San Diego, California

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

by Alex B.

When I was 17 and a senior in high school, my
parents left town for a weekend during October,
leaving me alone to watch over the house.
Rather than throw a party, I invited a girl I
knew from school to come over on Saturday evening
and watch a movie with me. Lauren, who had just
turned 18, was a member of the school swim team.
She had a tight athletic body, short brown hair,
hazel eyes and possibly the cutest bottom I have
ever seen.

We never did get around to watching the movie.
Instead, we made margaritas in the blender and
stood in the kitchen sipping them as we talked.
At one point, Lauren turned to refill her glass
and I jumped at the opportunity to land a
a fairly powerful swat across the seat of her
incredibly tight blue jeans.

"Oh, so that's what you're into!" she said with
mock surprise.

It was impossible that Lauren had never noticed
me admiring her gorgeous backside. It was round
and firm and made the perfect target for a
well-placed slap.

She retaliated by giving my ass a good smack and
we were soon chasing each other around the kitchen
trading harder and harder swats to each other's
rears. Eventually, Lauren tucked her bottom into
a corner where I couldn't get at it, so I resorted
to kissing her instead. We had shared a few
playful pecks now and then, but nothing like this.
Our tongues swirled around one another and we
pressed our bodies together tightly. I started to
reach down to remove her sweater, but was politely
pushed back a step.

"Pour me another drink." Lauren said, pointing in
the direction of the blender. "But not that stuff.
It's way too strong." Then she handed me her glass
and headed into the living room.

She was right, I'd never made margaritas before
and had used twice the tequila I should have.
As I mixed a milder batch of drinks, I heard the
living room door slide open. A minute later,
I walked out to find that Lauren had gone out
by the pool and was perched at the edge of the
diving board.

"What would happen if I jumped in right now with
all my clothes on?" she asked.

"You'd be in big trouble." I said as sternly as
I could.

That was all the incentive she needed. Taking one
bounce off the end of the board, she executed a
perfect dive into the pool. She was laughing
wildly when she popped her head out of the water.
I simply stood there, staring down at her with my
arms crossed. Then she began floundering around
and pretending she couldn't swim.

"Help! Come save me, Alex! I'm drowning!"

"If I have to come in there," I told her as I
kicked off my loafers. "your ass is mine."

"Ooh! Come and get it!"

I put my wallet and watch in one of my shoes and
jumped in after her. There was a bit of a chase
and a lot of splashing, but soon we were wrapped
around each other in the shallow end. We kissed
as we removed each other's clothing and let each
article slowly drift to the bottom of the pool.
When were finally naked, Lauren reached down and,
taking hold of my hardened cock, gently guided me
into her. A virtual novice to lovemaking and
certainly no expert at underwater acrobatics,
I let her make all the important moves.
She smiled to notice I was shivering and clearly
understood that it had little to do with the
temperature of the water. She wrapped her legs
around me and placed my hands on her hips.

"Now just squeeze your ass cheeks together."
she whispered.

I followed her advice and soon found myself
thrusting deep inside her with ease. It felt
fantastic, and I can't honestly say which of us
was enjoying it more, because Lauren was moaning
and digging her fingernails into my shoulders.

Suddenly I realized that something was missing,
something important. It was then that I decided
to take charge. I carefully pulled out and took
Lauren by the wrist leading her up the stairs
and out of the water. (She later told me that she
assumed I was taking her over to the chaise lounge
to finish what I had started in the pool.)
Imagine her surprise when, instead, I placed
my foot on the seat of a patio chair, hauled her
over my leg and began soundly spanking her bare,
wet fanny. I remember hearing her gasp loudly after
the first few slaps. As I continued spanking her,
the gasps became squeals and bursts of laughter
until she seemed to be laughing and crying
simultaneously. I'll never forget how beautiful
her cheeks looked as they shimmered in the late
afternoon sun- how the silver droplets of water
flew off her bottom, or the lovely squishy smacking
sound as each spank landed across her shiny,
jiggling buns. After four dozens good hard swats,
I put Lauren back on her feet and ordered her
to dive into the pool and retrieve our clothing.
She began to protest, but one lightning-fast swat
to her already stinging bottom had her leaping to
obey my command. In an instant, she was underwater
gathering our pants, shirts, underwear and socks.
I stood by giving her extra incentive smacks as she
attempted to ring the pool water from our things.

I then lead her, by the ear, to the den where we
put it all in the clothes dryer. And over that
working dryer Lauren draped herself. With her arms
wrapped around its edges, her throbbing pink bottom
lifted upward, she offered herself to me. And I
took her. Carefully, gently, I nudged the tip of
my cock against her lips and with one smooth thrust
I was in.

With our clothing tumbling around inside,
I pounded her from behind with increasing speed
as she pressed herself against that big warm,
vibrating machine. When we were done, I hauled
Lauren's exhausted body over my shoulder and
carried her to my room where we collapsed onto
the bed and rested for a while.

Lauren had to be home by eleven, so once our
clothes were dry, we put them on and spent the
next hour spooning on the couch. She stretched
herself across my lap and I delivered a few playful
swats with a lot of deep rubbing. It was far more
a massage than a spanking. Afterward, she sat up
in my lap, kissed me sweetly, then went home.

Lauren and I never became a serious item.
We drifted in other directions, dated other people.

On our graduation day, I found Lauren alone
behind the football bleachers having a smoke.
I sneaked up from behind and gave her ass such a
swat that it knocked the cigarette from her mouth.
Thoroughly pissed off, she spun around to slug
her attacker. But when she saw it was me, I was
greeted with a wry grin and a bear hug. As I
squeezed her ass through her robe, she reached
under mine to give my cock a friendly tug.
We could hear others approaching, so we quickly
shared one last kiss before saying goodbye.

Twenty years- and I can still taste her lips
on the edge of each cigarette and at the bottom
of every margarita.



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