Ladies... you have secretly known of this place and have longed to be taken here... to that hidden corner apart from reality where you'll be treated like the naughty little girl you are. Please enter and enjoy. -Alex B.

Location: San Diego, California

Sunday, December 11, 2005

by Alex B.

The moment Katie Bingham opened her purse to
pay for lunch, she knew she was in big trouble.
The problem stemmed from the fact that this was
not the purse she normally used, it was sort of
a spare. Unfortunately, the last time she’d
worn it, she put some important papers inside
and then forgot all about them.

“Great!” Katie sighed.

Her workmates, Rachel and Liz, looked up from
their desserts.

“What is it?” Rachel asked.

“I’m totally busted.”

“Relax,” Liz chimed in. “If you forgot your
wallet, we can cover the check.”

“Thanks,” Katie said, giving her friend’s hand
a pat. “But that’s not it. I just realized I
forgot to send in our car insurance payment.”

“Uh-oh! Bill’s not gonna like that!” Rachel
chided, waving her fork as she spoke.

“I know. I’m going give him a call and get it
over with.”

Katie reached into her purse and took out her
cell phone. She pushed a few buttons then put
the receiver to her ear.

“Bill Bingham.” her husband answered.

“Hi, it’s me. Listen... I’m in kind of a fix.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I... well, you know how I
was supposed to mail that insurance payment?”

Bill waited a moment before speaking.

“You mean for the cars?”

“Yep.” Katie squeaked, scrunching up her face.

“That was nearly a month ago!”

“You hate me, right?”

“Seriously! That means we’ve been driving
around without insurance for weeks now!
All you had to do was write out a check and
mail it in!”

“I know. I’m sorry. I just-”

“No it‘s okay. I’m at my computer right now.
I’ll go to the company website and if the
grace period hasn’t already passed I’ll make
a payment online.”

“Thanks, baby.”

“No problem. But you know, I’m going to paint
your wagon bright red when you get home.”

Katie paused for a moment and then laughed as
if she understood Bill’s little joke.

“Okay, I‘ll see you then. Bye.”

Katie turned the phone off and carefully tucked
it back into her purse.

“Is he pissed off?” Rachel asked.

“No. You know Bill, he’s a big teddy bear.
He did say something kind of strange, though.”

“Strange?” Liz inquired.

“Yeah. He said he was going to paint my red
wagon or something like that.”

The two other women looked at each other and
then burst into laughter.

“What?” Katie said, wanting to be in on
the joke.

Liz simply waved the question off, but Rachel
was quick to respond.

“Well, I don’t know how to tell you this,
darlin',” she said with a smirk. “But you’re
in for a spanking.”

As the women walked the four blocks back to
their office, Katie lagged a few steps behind
her friends until she eventually slowed to
a halt.

“You’re just kidding about that red wagon
stuff, right?"

Liz and Rachel stopped and turned around.

“Of course! She’s just kidding.” Liz replied.

“Like hell!” Rachel said. “Whenever my mother
told me she was gonna paint my wagon, I got
my bottom tanned real good! And if my daddy
said it, I’d be doin' the strap dance in
no time!”

"The what?" Katie asked.

“Okay, cut it out now!” Liz told Rachel.

“What?! It's that little dance you do while
you're bawling your eyes out after a hard
butt whippin'."

Rachel then demonstrated by hopping from
foot to foot and rubbing her rear end as she
pretended to cry.

"You are so ridiculous!" Liz giggled as she
looked around to see if anyone was watching.

The next few hours found Katie at her desk
trying to concentrate on her work. But Bill
and Rachel’s words kept echoing in her head
and she was starting to remember her husband
referring to her bottom as a “little wagon”
on several occasions.

“Get your little wagon in here!” he’d said,
folding back the sheets and covers at bedtime.
Quite often, Bill had stood behind her in the
kitchen, admiring her fanny. “You have the
cutest little wagon.” he’d say.

It wasn’t so little, actually. By magazine
standards, Katie’s rump was oversized.
In reality, however, it was simply full,
round and womanly.

And now her husband was going to paint it
bright red.

Recollections of spankings she’d received
while growing up played like old movies in her
mind and though she never felt permanently
scarred by these experiences, they were not
fond memories. Katie shifted around in her
chair as if the seat was growing hotter with
every thought of a hand or hairbrush smacking
her tender bare bottom.

At five o’clock, Katie attempted to make a
quick exit from the office in the hope of
avoiding Rachel.

“Off to the woodshed, huh?” Her friend called
out from the copying machine.

Katie displayed her best fake smile and gave
Rachel a dismissive wave as she headed out
the door.

The traffic she encountered on her drive
home may have been slow, but Katie’s mind
was racing.

She stared at the rear end of the station wagon
directly in front of her and couldn’t help but
notice the color.

“Bright red.” she whispered.

The fact that Bill had used these words worried
her, because he wasn’t a half-way kind of guy.
If he started in on a project, he kept at it
until it was finished. When they played cards
or a board game, he played to win. So it
naturally followed that, if the man she loved
was going to spank her, it was bound to be a
bona fide bottom-scorcher. It wouldn’t be some
playful display of ass smacking, but a
full-fledged, over-the-knee extravaganza with
real swats, authentic tears, and no small
amount of true humiliation.

Katie’s buttocks clenched as she imagined her
husband standing in the doorway of a woodshed,
paddle in hand, motioning for her enter.

She made a grab for her cell and speed-dialed
his number.

“Hey there.” Bill answered.

“Hi. So, what are you doing?”

“Nothing. Just sitting here at home, waiting
for you.”

“Well, I’m on the way.”


“Um, listen,” Katie started, her mouth going
dry as she spoke. “Am I really in trouble?”

Bill waited a moment before answering.

“What do you think?” he said.

Katie swallowed hard.

“Oh... okay. I’ll see you soon.”

“Love you.”

“Love you, too.” Katie managed to say before
turning off the phone.

Katie was finally resigned to the fact that
she was in for the spanking of a lifetime,
because nothing Bill said meant “yes” more
than the words: “What do you think?”. From the
first time she’d asked if he wanted to fool
around to that morning when she saw his sleepy
face at the breakfast table and asked if he
wanted some coffee, “What do you think?”
always translated into: “Do you even have
to ask?”

By the time she pulled into the driveway,
Katie’s mind was swirling around like an ice
cube in a delicious cocktail made from equal
parts of raw anxiety and animal lust with just
a drop of dread.

She opened the front door to find Bill standing
in the front hallway.

“Do remember that spanking fantasy you had-”
he asked. “The one you talked about when we
saw that old movie?”

Katie had to think back, but it didn’t take
very long.

Once, while they were cuddling on the couch
after watching a black and white classic on
television, she’d told Bill how much she liked
it when the handsome leading man threatened
to take the spoiled heroine across his knee.
She then went on to confess that she’d often
daydreamed about a strong man pulling her
across his lap and spanking her like a
misbehaving child. When Bill asked if she
wanted him to spank her right then and there,
she declined explaining that only under
the right circumstances, when she really
had it coming, could she accept that sort
of treatment.

“Oh, yeah.” Katie said, her knees going week
at the thought of her husband recalling such
a brief, intimate moment.

One of the many qualities that endeared Bill
to Katie was the way he remembered everything
about her. If she mentioned a fondness for a
certain kind of wine or food, that’s what
she’d soon find on their dinner table.
Bill remembered every place on Katie’s body
she liked massaged and every place not to
tickle her. He’d even developed a knack for
renting the videos she’d most enjoy. And when
it came to sex, he always knew just which
buttons to push, especially the ones nobody
had ever touched.

“I think it’s time you got that spanking.”
Bill said, slowly folding his arms across
his chest. “What do you think?”

Katie’s eyes darted down to Bill's shoes.
She then glanced up to his face again.
He didn’t look angry. In fact, even though
his expression was quite stern, a subtle
smile seemed to be forming at the corner of
his lips and his eyes greeted her warmly.

“Yes, Sir.” Katie heard herself say as she
placed her purse on the small table next to
the front door. She caught a glimpse of
herself in the hall mirror and seeing the
blush that had come over her face sent an
electric chill throughout her entire body.

Bill pointed into the next room.

“In there, young lady.” he commanded.

Katie took a deep breath and somehow managed
to put her feet into motion. She stepped
hesitantly in front of her husband, half
expecting a sharp swat to her backside as
she passed. Instead, she quietly entered the
living area to find that Bill had placed one
of the armless chairs from the dinner table
in the center of the room. Suddenly, she felt a
strong jolt. It was Bill taking her by the
wrist and pulling her to the chair.
Placing Katie to one side, he seated himself
and looked up at his breathless spouse.

“You need to have your little wagon painted
bright red!” Bill stated. “And I’m just the
guy to do it for you!”

With that, he hooked his right arm around
Katie’s waist and hauled her unceremoniously
across his lap.

Katie was shocked, not just by the forcefulness
Bill displayed in taking her over his knee,
but by the fact that he’d used, word for word,
the exact dialogue spoken by the leading man
in the old movie they’d watched. Before she
could ponder whether he’d gone out and rented
the film in order to reenact the scene, she
felt the first of many stinging swats to her
upturned fanny.

The slaps fell hard and fast onto the seat of
Katie’s modest silk skirt. She gasped at the
severity of one particular smack that caught
her off guard just as she’d placed her hands
on the floor in an attempted to make her
position slightly less precarious.
This thundering whack was quickly followed by
another and another, each a bit harder than
the last. Soon Bill was administering the kind
of walloping his wife had both cringed at
and craved.

Katie hissed and yelped with every smack to
her tender, quivering buns. Her eyes filled
with tears. Her round, swelling buttocks burned
as if she were sitting in a bowl of hot water.
Her face burned as well and the tears that
trickled down her blushing cheeks did nothing
to wash away the shame. Katie wasn’t prepared
for the feelings she was having. Being spanked
so soundly was painful of course, but it was
the embarrassment of the situation that seemed
impossible to withstand. Bill had yet too bare
her bottom or use an implement on her and here
she was already crying, already squirming and
beginning to kick. The humiliation was
overwhelming and yet it was this very factor
she seemed to hunger for more than anything.
It was like a tonic, frightfully bitter to
the taste, but healing in effect.

Bill’s firm hand continued to deliver heated
kisses to his wife’s reddening fanny, driving
her deeper into the world of salty tears,
sizzling flesh and an intoxicating sense
of complete disgrace.

Soon after Katie had fallen limp over his lap
and her cries had become pitiable blubbering,
Bill decided to bring the spanking to a close.
He stopped swatting and instead applied a firm
yet soothing massage to her raw, red, aching
ass until she was done sobbing.

“Okay, now stand up.” he said, giving a Katie
a pinch to grow on.

Katie pushed herself from Bill’s lap and
reached back to grab two handfuls of that
wonderful burning sting in her throbbing ass
cheeks. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and
opened it until it slid down her arms and
fell to the floor. Her bra, shoes and skirt
were next.

Bill stood as he watched his love push her
panties down past her knees.

“What are you doing?” Bill asked. “Nobody goes
bare ass in one of those old movies!”

Katie kicked her undies off toward the couch,
took her husband’s face in her hands and
planted a long, passionate kiss on his lips.

“We’re not in a movie, sweetheart.”
she panted. “I want the full treatment.”

Having said this, she pushed Bill back into
the chair and threw a few locks of hair over
her shoulder before laying across his lap
once again.

“Are you sure?” Bill asked.

“What do you think?” Katie replied, wiggling
her bare, pink bottom as she spoke.

Bill lifted his hand and began spanking his
wife just as before and yet this was a
completely different experience for Katie.
Now that she’d been warmed up and the initial
shock had dissipated, she could enjoy it all
on an entirely different level. Her husband
was swatting away with every ounce of strength
he’d used earlier and now that she was naked,
the smacks stung that much more,but Katie was
loving it. With anxiety removed from the
equation and shame no longer an obstacle to
her pleasure, she not only welcomed the
blistering heat of every swat,but eagerly
lifted her bottom for more. Mrs. Bingham had
had acquired a taste for this medicine and was
quite willing to beg for another spoonful.

A few tears still escaped her eyes, but Katie
was no longer crying out but grunting and
moaning as she pressed and rubbed herself
against her husband’s leg. Bill gave both of
Katie’s thighs firm squeezes between powerful
spanks and soon his hand was venturing upward
to tease her glistening sex with the tips of
his fingers. Katie was delirious with the rush
of differing sensations. She found herself
squealing, then groaning, then giggling as her
hubby alternated between slapping her ass and
tickling her pussy. Before long, the swats were
arriving a good fifteen seconds apart, each
slightly weaker than the one before, with a
good deal of finger play in between.

Without warning, Bill stopped everything and
pulled Katie from his lap as he stood up.

“I’m not done yet! You've got something else
coming to you!" Taking her ear between his
thumb and index finger, he lead Katie to the
corner of the room near the bookcase.
"This is a good place for a bad girl to take
a time out."

Katie looked at Bill in disbelief and then
bowed her head.

"Yes, Sir." she sighed as she headed into
the corner.

Then Bill stepped forward, blocking her path.

"You are not bad, however.” He lifted Katie’s
chin so that they were looking directly into
each other's eyes. “You’re just a little
forgetful sometimes. And that’s no so bad,
is it?”

"No, Sir." Katie answered, barely able
to breath.

Their lips met and they kissed with abandon.
Eventually, Bill managed to push himself away
for a moment.

"Now ditch that ‘Sir’ business and get into
that bedroom, young lady! Like I said- you've
got something else coming to you!"

Katie did as she was told.

“You are talking about fucking the hell out
of me, right?” she asked knowingly as she
entered the darkened bedroom.

Before the question had completely left her
lips, Katie heard the distinct sound of a
zipper being lowered followed by four very
familiar words:

“What do you think?”



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It wasn't until after I finished reading that I realized this story was posted December of 2005. I almost didn't comment, but I really wanted to say that I enjoy your writing & I hope you continue writing. And, maybe, post again some day. I'll be coming back to read the archives!

10:01 PM  
Blogger Littleredz24 said...

This was published in 2005 and I only just discovered, but I thought the writing was delicious. Loved the puns (and the buns), thought the plot was clever, and the end(s) most satisfying. I'd love to read more by this author.

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